About Academy

FIGHTER’S TAEKWONDO ACADEMY was formed in the year 1992.

Mr. PRAVIN BORSE (6th DAN Black Belt) is the founder member of the academy. He is an international medalist and Shri Shiv Chhatrapati Awardee.

Within the span of 25 years we have developed many International, National and State players as well as National and International Referees. Fighter’s Taekwondo Academy provides Taekwondo Training, Fitness Training and self-defense Training to Women across Pune and Kolhapur district. We are operating more than 20 branches in Pune. Every year more than 15 students from our Academy represent Maharashtra at National level and International level. Our students have achieved remarkable result at School National. More than 100 students have secured black belt from Kukkiwon Headquarters at South Korea. With the help of State Government we provide self-defense training for women and to the school students. We have had the opportunity to function in a variety of education setting making it easy to adopt to new situations and faculty concepts.

Parents of our students have recognized that we have created constructive change in students play and home lives. Students have discovered that physical happiness boost their performance at school, work and play and learnt to appropriate and like the benefits of socialization, sportsmanship, personal achievement and team spirit that are achieved through Taekwondo.

We are the only academy in Pune which have more than 4 Shri Shiv Chhatrapati Awardees:

  • Shri Pravin Borse.
  • Shri Mangesh Shingate
  • Miss Krupali Borse
  • Miss Puja Bhalekar